1 Ingrid H. Scharfenberg 8 
2 Karl Schuster 9 
3 The hotel Zum Türken at the times of Karl Schuster13 
4 The hotel Zum Türken expropriated by the SS14 
5 The hotel Zum Türken invaded by the crowd 15 
6 Closeness of the hotel Zum Türken to the Berghof 16 
7 Hitler receives the visitors. On the background the hotel Zum Türken 17 
8 The hotel Zum Türken semi-destroyed by the bombing 18 
9 The hotel Zum Türken, today19 
10 The hut in which Hitler carried out the second volume of the Mein Kampf 23 
11 The original house Wachenfeld24 
12 The house Wachenfeld, widened28 
13 The Berghof, north side with the panoramic window29 
14 The Berghof, east side with the entry stairway30 
15 The Berghof, west side with the terrace31 
16 The Berghof, Great Hall: view towards the fireplace and the west side door32 
17 The Berghof, Great Hall: view towards the fireplace33 
18 The Berghof, Great Hall: view towards the panoramic window34 
19 The Berghof, dining-room35 
20 The Berghof, planimetry of the ground floor36 
21 The Berghof, planimetry of the superior floor37 
22 The network of the bunkers: rooms 4 and 543 
23 The network of the bunkers 144 
24 The network of the bunkers 245 
25 Hitler listens to the performance of a Goebbels' daughter49 
26 Hitler with Blondi and, on the background, Henriette von Schirach50 
27 Hitler with a little girl and cherries51 
28 Hitler shoot back greets the crowd52 
29 Eva Braun with dogs on deck-chair55 
30 Eva Braun lying in costume56 
31 Eva Braun on deck-chair with hat57 
32 Hitler and Eva Braun in the winter-garden of the Berghof58 
33 Speer, annoyed, skims through a magazine on the Berghof terrace61 
34 Speer and Hitler walking towards the Tea-house62 
35 Hitler with the Dukes of Windsor65 
36 Mussolini and Hitler enter the Berghof66 
37 Mussolini and Hitler in the Great Hall of the Berghof67 
38 Hitler and King Boris of Bulgaria enter the Berghof68 
39 Bombing of the Berghof: widened aerial view71 
40 Bombing of the Berghof: narrow aerial view72 
41 The destroyed Berghof: external view, east side73 
42 The destroyed Berghof: external view, north side74 
43 The destroyed Berghof: internal view, panoramic window side75 
44 The destroyed Berghof: inside, fireplace with American soldiers76 
45 The Berghof explodes (April 30, 1952)77 
46 The wood of the Berghof seen from the balcony of the hotel Zum Türken83 
47 The retaining wall of the slope on the Berghof, south side84 
48 Other view of the retaining wall of the slope on the Berghof, south side85 
49 Line drawn in correspondence of the north side (great window) of the Berghof86 
50 Line drawn in correspondence of the east side (stairway) of the Berghof87 
51 Line drawn in correspondence of the east side (entry) of the Berghof 88 
52 Edge of the terrace of the Berghof, on the garage89 
53 Berghof: mouth of the fireplace of the Great Hall90 
54 The information panel placed on the spot of the Berghof 91 
55 Road map of the Obersalzberg valley 95 
56 Path that led to the south side of the Berghof (ex dining-room) 96 
57 Access to the carriage drive that led to the garage of the Berghof 97 
58 Entrance of the carriage drive that led to the garage of the Berghof 98 
59 Entrance of the tunnel leading to the elevator of the Kehlsteinhaus103 
60 Panoramic view of the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest)104 
61 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): external view with tourists 105 
62 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): conference room at the times of Hitler106 
63 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): room of Eva Braun107 
64 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): the cafeteria (ex conference room), today108 
65 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): the author next to the fireplace 109 
66 Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest): planimetry110 
67 Tea-house: external view 113 
68 Tea-house: foreground of its entry114 
69 Tea-house: Hitler at table with smiling guest 115 
70 Tea-house: Hitler does a nap together with Eva Braun 116 
71 Tea-house: Hitler on the bench of the panoramic curve 117 
72 Tea-house: Hitler with the sculptor Josef Thorak, sniffed by Blondi 118 
73 Way from the Berghof to the Tea-house at the times of Hitler120 
74 Hitler, Himmler and retinue towards the Tea-house 121 
75 At the exit of the Tea-house, towards the panoramic curve 122 
76 View of the panoramic curve, with Hitler, Blondi and guest 123 
77 Hitler and Himmler behold the valley from the panoramic curve 124 
78 Tea-house, the panoramic curve today 126 
79 Tea-house, the panoramic curve today, with benches in the foreground 127 
80 Tea-house, the beginning of the slope at the end of the panoramic curve, today 128 
81 Tea-house, the author at the panoramic curve 129 
82 Tea-house, the author at the panoramic curve (enlarged shot)130 
83 The rock which supported the Tea-house, today 131 
84 Same shot of Figure 75, today 132 
85 Tea-house, the wall with swastika (cancelled) and light, today 133 
86 Tea-house, path to reach it 137 
87 Tea-house, path to reach it (another shot)138 
88 Tea-house, the path turns left 139 
89 Tea-house, the path offers a bench. The arrow doesn't point out the destination 140 
90 The run to reach the Tea-house, today 141 
91 Portrait of Claus von Stauffenberg 156 
92 Claus von Stauffenberg on the terrace of Berghof 157 
93 Claus von Stauffenberg at Rastenburg 159 
94 Eva Braun in the studio of Hoffmann, when she was his assistant 165 
95 Eva Braun to a party (Munich 1938)167 
96 Eva Braun sits with a girl friend on the parapet of the Berghof 169 
97 Rochus Misch when he was bodyguard of Hitler 171 
98 Eva Braun embraced by Fritz Wiedemann 173 
99 Eva Braun kissed by Fritz Wiedemann 175 
100 A bombing order of the Obersalzbeg 178 
101 The Quadrilateral before 1936 195 
102 Old Chancellery + Vorbunker in 1936 197 
103 Order of Hitler to build the New Chancellery (1938)199 
104 Yard of the New Chancellery (1938)201 
105 Planimetry of the New Chancellery203 
106 New and old Chancellery 205 
107 The New Chancellery on the Voss Strasse (1939)207 
108 The New Chancellery: Gallery of Marbles (1939)209 
109 Vorbunker in the Old Chancellery 211 
110 The bombed New Chancellery (1945)213 
111 The New Chancellery is demolished after the end of the war215 
112 112 The corner of the New Chancellery, today (Voss Strasse and Wilhelmstrasse)217 
113 Section of the Vorbunker - Atelier Troost, 1935 235 
114 Staircase from the Vorbunker to the Führerbunker (first ramp), 1974 237 
115 Hall and beginning of the staircase to the Führerbunker 239 
116 Führerbunker, dismantling of the covering, 1938 241 
117 Section of Führerbunker and Vorbunker243 
118 Planimetry of the two bunkers245 
119 Section in perspective of the Führerbunker 247 
120 Superficial part of the Führerbunker (first half of 1947) 249 
121 Conference room of the Führerbunker 251 
122 Planimetry of the Chancelleries with distances from the Führerbunker257 
123 Garden of the Chancelleries ( May 1945)259 
124 The earth filling of the Führerbunker starts (1988)263 
125 Area of the Führerbunker with the current road layout 265 
126 "Mural" on a piece of the Berlin wall 267